How Doggy Daycare can improve your dog's life

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What is Doggy Daycare?

The concept of doggy daycare is a little like daycare for children. Instead, your pet goes to stay with a pet sitter during the daytime work hours where they can enjoy playtime, walks and social interaction.

Doggy daycare has grown massively in popularity in recent years, largely because of modern challenges in balancing work with pet ownership.

Furthermore, you can make specific requests such as walks, naptime, training and cuddles. Your dog might also enjoy the company of other dogs, which makes doggy daycare a great chance to socialise and make a few canine pals. 

Notably, if your dog has special needs, such as a fear of other dogs, you can specify this with your doggy daycare sitter. This could include keeping them in their own quiet space away from other pets or people or even administering medication.

Why is it important to keep my dog entertained during the workday?

It can be really challenging to keep your pet entertained during the day when you’re busy with work. However, doing this is really important for your pet’s health and wellbeing, especially if you work away from home.

Additionally, it’s important for your productivity that your pet isn’t jumping up and distracting you if you work from home. This is certainly a more common challenge in 2020, as more people are working remotely because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Why is Doggy Daycare good for dogs and their owners?

1) Your dog’s physical health

Your dog needs daily exercise and stimulation in order to keep their muscles, bones and joints in good health. Furthermore, exercise prevents your dog from gaining excess weight and all of the problems that can arise from this. Common problems that arise from weight gain include diabetes, heart issues and joint and muscle problems. 

Additionally, a well-exercised pooch will sleep much more soundly and be happier and more content during the day. 

2) Preventing behavioural problems

If you leave your dog home alone during the day, you might find they experience some level of separation anxiety. This can range from mild to extreme and can result in undesirable behaviours. For example, anxious dogs might chew shoes, scratch furniture, dig holes and bark for hours. This can be a distressing and harmful experience for the dog and can put you on negative terms with your neighbours.

3) A chance to socialise

Doggy daycare can really help if your dog loves company or is learning to behave around other pups and people. 

An experienced doggy daycare sitter can supervise your dog with a minimum number of other dogs to keep things safe and positive. Additionally, your sitter can maintain important training routines you have in place. This can be really helpful for toilet training or loose-leash training puppies. You will really notice the difference with this consistent routine, and the socialisation practice will pay off next time you visit the dog park.

4) Your productivity

It’s not easy to maintain focus and productivity when working from home, especially if your dog often distracts you. 

Doggy Daycare removes that distraction without any guilt or worry. You can get your work done, and your dog can get their workout in - which leaves more time for cuddles on the couch later!

5) Your peace of mind

It’s normal to worry about your dog during the day if you are still leaving home to go to the office. Many workers have long shifts during the day, and you might feel guilty if your dog is stuck at home alone all day. Doggy daycare is the perfect solution for maintaining work-home balance and peace of mind. 

How do I find Doggy Daycare near me?

It’s easy to find a Doggy Daycare pet sitter on Pawshake. We have thousands of verified sitters around Australia, with more joining us every day. 

To book your perfect sitter, simply enter your suburb into the search bar and select ‘Doggy Daycare’ as your service. Select your dates, then have a browse of who is near you. When you see a profile you like, send the sitter a message and arrange an in-person meet and greet with your dog. If all goes well, you can return to the Pawshake website to book their services.

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