How to prevent stress for you and your pet

How to prevent stress for you and your pet


We don't tend to associate the symptoms of stress and burnout with pet ownership; on the contrary. Walking your dog, playing with your cat or stroking your rabbit helps keep you healthy and happy. But it can also become too much. If your calendar gets too full, you can usually reschedule work appointments or postpone that mountain of ironing. But pets are an ongoing responsibility that can never be ignored! And, did you know that pets are exceptionally sensitive to stress? So, try to enjoy a relaxed summer this year, for the sake of both you and your pets.

Don't keep too many (different) animals together

If a pet is due to visit your home, limit the number of animals present. If you have resident pets of your own, then they'll need time to get used to the visitor. And visiting pet(s) will certainly find it stressful: an unfamiliar environment, a new human, and all those other animals that might want to defend their territory, basket and toys. Limit the number of (visiting) animals, in order to avoid stress for both humans and animals. If you provide a dog walking service, keep your "pack" nice and small. Customers actively choose Pawshake pet sitters because they know that their beloved pet will receive personal care. So, make sure you're able to provide 1-on-1 attention at all times.  Pawshake enables you to make a reservation for up to 5 pets, but please use your common sense to determine an acceptable number.

Dogs need plenty of space and their own basket

Make sure that there's sufficient space

Regardless of whether you've got dogs, cats, small pets or a combination of these: always ensure that every animal has its own place to retreat to. This means that each dog or cat must benefit from at least one private room in which to be alone. In order to prevent fighting, animals must feel safe and have space to breathe. There's a lot for a pet to get used to when suddenly placed in a new environment. Never force anything: allow them to quietly go about their business and, whatever you do, don't push pets together if they clearly don't want it. Let each animal determine their own pace.

Cats require a safe haven to crawl to

Avoid making too many appointments

The summer holidays are fast approaching, which means that an increasing number of owners are searching for someone to look after their pet. Naturally, this is good news for pet sitters! But remember to keep a close eye on your schedule. Is it really feasible? Are those pet sitting addresses simply too far away? Be realistic about whether you can comfortably accommodate additional pet sitting jobs. Because each and every animal in your care deserves sufficient time and attention.  And respond to every pet sitting enquiry promptly. Rejecting first contact requests doesn't affect your visibility, so be honest if you really can't fit it in.  It's important to respond to contact requests swiftly: that way pet owners instantly know where they stand.

Already successfully pet sitting? We recommend using our app to post regular photo updates throughout the pet's stay. This helps to put the owner's mind at rest. You can of course share all your favourite pet photos at Instagram #PawshakePaws

We wish you and your pets a thoroughly relaxing summer!